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'Kempens Landschap' is a Belgian non-profit organisation, founded in 1997 on the initiative of the province of Antwerp and 40 municipalities. Its aim is the acquisition, protection, management and restoration of the environment, landscape, nature and cultural heritage. Most important is the organisation’s multi-disciplinary approach as landscape includes nature, tourism, agriculture and buildings.




Fort Duffel

The small fort of Duffel was specifically built for the defence of the railway between Brussels and Antwerp. It is an important relict of Belgian military architecture during the final decades of the 19th century. Due to its mixed construction, made up of brick walls,concrete vaults and a surrounding corridor executed in brick masonry, it is unique in its kind.


»  Fort Duffel

Ursuline Institute - O.L.V. Waver

The nuns of the Ursuline order came to Onze-Lieve-Vrouw Waver in the province of Antwerp in 1841. The Ursuline institute in Onze-Lieve-Vrouw Waver, dates from the 19th century andwas built in the spirit of the Gothic revival, but was combined with libertine art nouveau elements. These art nouveau  elements demonstrate the progressiveness of the Ursuline nuns and their pupils, who originate from the upper classes throughout Europe.
The school suffered severely during the First World War, and was rebuilt afterwards. It was not long before their 'Pensionnat de demoiselles', a boarding school for the education of young ladies, won international reputation. Today the site consists of a mixed day school with around 1,700 pupils, a retirement home and a convent.

'Kempens Landschap' acknowledges that with the decreasing number of nuns, monks, a problem arises for the congregation as they want to preserve their legacy. For the Ursuline convent, a new legal structure has to be created so that after the nuns have gone their legacy can be continued. This new entity will take over the responsibilities of the congregation and make sure that the Ursuline tradition is honoured.
This challenge is closely connected to a lot of other legal, financial and practical issues, not least the reuse of the church, which is not currently in use. With the Heritage Recycled project KL is supporting the Ursulines through this transfer period whilst trying to learn lessons from similar examples across Belgium and Europe.


»  Ursuline Institute, OLV-Waver


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