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Within HERE, Suffolk Mind is the private partner that invests in one of the sites, St-Mary-at-the-Quay in Ipswich. Suffolk Mind provides a comprehensive range of services catering for a wide spectrum of mental health needs and for the well-being of people. This includes a range of residential services and community resource centres in rural and urban areas of Suffolk that encourage self-confidence, self-determination, and building self-esteem.


Suffolk Mind’s commitment to the regeneration of St Mary at the Quay into Quay Place – a wellbeing heritage centre - will link the idea of well being with our historic environment to create a long term future for a building which is suffering the ravages of age.



St-Mary-at-the-Quay, Ipswich

St Mary at the Quay is one of the twelve medieval churches in Ipswich and one of the three "bargees churches" in the old docks and harbour area, where Ipswich’s thriving community of merchants used to be based. Trade brought wealth and prosperity for the entire city - the wood carving and the decoration of the spectacular roof of the church were meant to reflect this wealth.


St Mary at the Quay was originally built between 1443 and 1543. It was restored and refurbished in the 18th century, and a large sacristy (or vestry) was added in 1882. Later on, major restoration works were carried out, during which the original floor was replaced by a modern concrete floor.


In 1948 the church was closed and entrusted to the Churches Conservation Trust in 1973. Since that time, substantial amounts of money have been spent for the restoration of the tower and other parts of the outer structure; however, no large sums could be set aside for the restoration of other parts of the building, as there was a lack of vision or project with regard to the long-term use of the building in the future.


That is why, back in 2008, the CCT decided to start a cooperation with Suffolk Mind, a charity institution working around mental health.

Together, they prepared a plan aimed at the reconversion of the church into a ‘Wellbeing Heritage Center’ which actively valorizes the heritage qualities of the site, within an innovating concept.


The partnership was awarded £3.6 million of Heritage Lottery Fund money which will allow urgent conservation work to be carried out on the historic fabric and to build a modern extension to the church which will house complementary therapies, performance and business spaces.


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