Heritage businessplan


This guide explains how to make a strong business case for your heritage regeneration project. Understanding and setting out exactly how you are going to regenerate your historic building, what you plan to do with it on completion and how much this work will cost is key to the success of any project. This guide covers the areas which everyone involved in a heritage regeneration project should consider in order to ensure that their project is sustainable in the long-term and therefore able to access financial support.

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Kempens Landschap vzw

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Suffolk Mind
Hyntle Barn, Hill Farm,

Silver Hill, Hintlesham,

Suffolk, IP8 3NJ

United Kingdom



Interreg 2 seas

Les Arcuriales 45

rue de Tournai 5/D

F-59000 Rijsel




The Churches Conservation Trust

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8 All Saints Street

London N1 9RL

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