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Kempens Landschap


'Kempens Landschap' is a Belgian non-profit organisation, founded in 1997 on the initiative of the province of Antwerp and 40 municipalities. Its aim is the acquisition, protection, management and restoration of the environment, landscape, nature and cultural heritage. Most important is the organisation’s multi-disciplinary approach as landscape includes nature, tourism, agriculture and buildings.


»  Fort Duffel
»  Ursuline Institute, OLV-Waver





The Churches
Conservation Trust


The CCT is the national charity protecting historic churches at risk. Founded in 1969, CCT has saved over 345 buildings which attract almost 2 million visitors a year. CCT cares for the churches, repairing the damage from sometimes years of neglect, and work with local communities to bring them alive.


»  St-Lawrence church, Norwich
»  St-Nicholas chapel, King’s Lynn





Suffolk Mind


Suffolk Mind is affiliated to Mind National and is committed to improving the lives of people with mental health issues. Within HERE, Suffolk Mind is the private partner that invests in one of the sites, St-Mary-at-the-Quay in Ipswich. This church will be regenerated into Quay Place - a wellbeing heritage centre. The church will be renovated and equipped to provide a beautiful and accessible community venue.


»  St-Mary-at-the-Quay, Ipswich



Lead partner:
Kempens Landschap vzw

Peredreef 5
2580 Beerzel (Putte)


Tel: +32 15 22 82 37

Suffolk Mind
Hyntle Barn, Hill Farm,

Silver Hill, Hintlesham,

Suffolk, IP8 3NJ

United Kingdom

Interreg 2 seas

Les Arcuriales 45

rue de Tournai 5/D

F-59000 Rijsel


The Churches Conservation Trust

Society Building
8 All Saints Street

London N1 9RL

United Kingdom